12 Wild PODs That Could Secure Bragging Rights in Your 2023 Supercoach League

Team that are similar can be so boring. So why not throw caution to the wind and take your shot at a few point of difference players.

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1. Griffin Logue 410k Def / Fwd

Some might call it crazy, but he may be the POD of the year. Ok, that is crazy - but hear me out. Firstly, he’s a FWD / DEF Dual Position Player. He’s starting a new club at Kangaroos where his position will be guaranteed. Clarkson is his coach. He’s a talented, intelligent, strong bodies, left footed defender. Hello - Josh Gibson anyone? Keep a close watch as Griffin Logue may storm into Supercoach contention as the season unfolds.

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2. Ben Hobbs 347k

Expect some serious midfield minutes this year. Already had his initial rookie season and will be priced accordingly. Will be interesting to monitor how much new coach Brad Scott wants to fast track him as a midfielder. Only for the high risk type coaches.

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3. Jayden Hunt 285k Def

New club means a fresh look is needed at his Supercoach prospects. The Eagles have delisted Jackson Nelson which means a Half Back position is available for a suitor ready to grasp it. Hunt has all the attributes for the job, and has shown it in big chunks in his time at the Dees. At 285K, he won’t be an auto pick, but he will get lots of selection due to the change of club, position, and price. Consider.

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4. Daniel McStay 360k

At 360k McStay is in no mans land price wise. But with every change of club, comes a new opportunity to score better fantasy number. And McStay might just find these numbers at Collingwood. Seemingly under utilised at Brisbane given their embarrassment of riches up forward, McStay is a perfect player for the club need to be traded to the Pies. Will we see him up forward, down back, pinch hitting in the ruck with Darcy Cameron, or all of the above? He’s a high risk POD, and will be taken by coaches with a high tolerance for risk.

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5. Chad Warner 532

Many will argue he just had his breakout season in 2022. But you feel there is another level. I,e the above 600k premo / maybe POD captain from time to time level. He has all the attributes the Supercoach Gods love. Contested beast, damaging long kick, boots goals, tackles, can mark, wins tough contests, impacts matches… Gold. As he enters another season you would expect all these areas to improve another 20%. And for Longmire to give him even more responsibility in his quest for another Grand Final appearance. Look at strongly.

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6. Zaine Cordy 231k Def

Moved across to the Saints. Wouldn’t normally be on the radar, HOWEVER at 231K, Cordy should be considered. It will all come down to job security and how Ross Lyon views him. If Ross Lyon sees him as best 22, then you can expect strong investment in his development in a role at Saints. If it looks a bit flakey early in terms of position he’s being players, then you can forget it - Ross will cast him to the bin, or at best be swung into the side as spare parts on a needs basis. Keep and eye on how consistent his role is.

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7. Jeremy Cameron 501k

A proven Superstar of the game. Yet not considered a trusty Supercoach option. This is because he may have games where he lets you down - think sub 60 scores. He gives away free kicks, turns the ball over with risky ball use and has matches where he seems to phone it in a bit. But he also has games that an win you a league match off his own boot. So perhaps it is time to consider Cameron as an established premo. He doesn’t play stay at home forward either so he doesn’t fall into the same trap as many other key forwards of getting triple teamed by zones.

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8. Harry Himmelberg 499k Fwd / Def

Burst into Supercoach relevance in 2022 after being switched into the backline at GWS. Starting intercepting, taking kick outs, and playing like a loose defending hoovering up the easy ball across half back. Just what us Supercoaches love. But will the new regime at the coaching helm retain Harry in this role? One to watch in terms of positioning in the preseason and early matches. Would be a brave coach to take him from the start.

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9. Bailey Frtisch 360k

Slender build with a huge head, Fritsch does not appear the quintessential key forward for the Premiership side, or a bloke who would kick 6 to turn the game in a Grand Finals. Well, face it, he is. It’s hard to fathom how quickly he rose to now be considered on track to be elite, as many fans are likely still in denial that he could reach those heights. But it’s hard to argue that he’s not heading there. Perhaps his unassuming softish physique or gangly limbs lead many to conclude he is a bit player, but his goal column stats would suggest otherwise. Like a young Gunston, he slips through the cracks on the opposition defence and hurts you on the scoreboard. Still not a high possession player, which is why he probably is not a Supercoach type selection at this point, even at this price.

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10. Jade Gresham 481k

Option as a forward, Gresham is somewhat polarising when it comes to his Supercoach worth. He had patches in games that seem like he’s involved in heavy supercoach scoring parts of play, and his score can rapidly rise. However, he can also go missing, and be a tad inconsistent. It will be interesting to see what Ross Lyon wants to do with him. If he plants him permanently forward, you can probably forget about selecting him. However, if he still gets plenty of midfield high impact minutes, then those coaches who have liked him in the past will be tempted to continue their investment in him. It’s likely a no go zone for most.

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11. Shai Bolton 480k

Excitement machine forward priced at 480k. Is super fun player to own, but you will probably notice after a while that he doesn’t score as highly as his reputation leads you to think. Most supercoach nerds would steer clear due to this fact. For those looking for a fun season and to enjoy watching players in their team play, then he’s a must have.

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12. Luke Jackson 465 Ruck/Fwd

Off to Freo for the highly talented Ruck / forward. But this this present a problem given that Sean Darcy is already the number one ruck? Does this mean he will basically be doing the Rory Lobb role? It’s highly likely, which admittedly is a bit of a turn off for Supercoach. At this stage it seems too risky, but given he can be taken as a forward, there may yet be appeal. Especially if he can be used in conjunction with Darcy Cameron.

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