7 Burn Men Who You Should Actually Consider Selecting 2023

Players who have burned coaches in the past - and might again tease in 2023 AFL Supercoach. Let's take a look.

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1. Andrew McGrath 478k

The former number 1 draft pick has frustrated Bomber fans (and Supercoachers) for years. He looks to have all the tool and the right skillset to be elite. He has shown glimpses that he can reach the next level. Yet he hasn’t. Many put in down to the debacle that has been Essendon over the past few (20?) years, but maybe he just isn’t as great a player as his number one pick status represents. However, those coaches who have been keen on him for years will certainly not pass of the opportunity to take him in defence - which brings renewed interest in taking him from the start. Consider, as this may be the only season he can be taken sub 500k and in defence again.

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2. Joe Daniher 338k

Flakey at best. JD is an enigma. He’s never going to be the Superstar Supercoach selection - I think that mch is settled. But that doesn’t mean he is not a good selection at 338K. In fact, that represent great value for a players who has huge form swings from week to week, and may see some quick large price gains for coaches looking to switch him direct to a fallen premium. It’s a solid strategy, but it doesn’t go without some of the hair tearing. Recommend for brave coaches who know how to ride the storm and not jump off too early.

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3. James Worpel 309k

What happened to Worpel? Seemingly the next gun midfielder at Hawthorn a few years back. Now he’s lucky to be in the side. However, with the big offseason movement at Hawthorn in regards to their midfield with Jager and Tom Mitchell leaving, the opportunity may arise again for Worpel to reclaim his golden form of 3 years back. It was also the absence of Mitchell back then that allowed Worpel to move into the midfield and prove his worth. So if history repeats, then Worpel will be incredibly undervalued in terms of starting price, and hopefully with the added benefit of being a DPP again.

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4. Tarryn Thomas 295k

At 295K, fans of Thomas and his potential over the past few seasons will stick fat and roll the dice with him again. It is a good price entry point for a potential forward who may average 90+ given his predictive calculation. And throw in that he now has a proven coach that can nurture his talents, Thomas is far from being a horrendous selection that some suggest he is. A risky one, yes, but not horrendous.

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5. Chad Wingard 352k

A tease for coaches. Many remember his exploits at Port when he was a happy go lucky premo POD option up forward. It was super fun ride. Nowadays, Wingard has lost the ‘cool’ that made him stand out as a Supercoach option. Perhaps his age just caught up with him, or perhaps the hawks ironed the ill discipline out of him. Either way, the Chad might be getting some love this year at 352K. Hopefully that love may reignite his spark. Risk.

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6. Toby Greene 421k

Too up and down for many. But some coaches are attached. Do you really want to do it to yourself? Come on, it’ll be fun having Greene, a bloke who can make it look like he’s playing against D grade under 12s at times right? Not entirely - Greene as we’ve come to expect has plenty of baggage to consider if you select him. Injury, suspension and in game niggles are the harsh realities of owning Greene. But boy, when he fires, he really fires and makes you stick your chest out as a Supercoach coach among your mates. If you are a risk taker or a happy-go-lucky coach then he’s highly recommended. If you are an unlucky coach that constantly berates your own supercoach misfortunes, then best to steer clear and save yourself the grey hairs.

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7. Orazio Fantasia 203k

Has tricked coached for years into thinking he’s a potential premo. He’s not. What he is though is a high risk, injury prone, borderline best 22 fringe player at Port who might be on the chopping block if he doesn’t have a big year. Injury seems to have blunted his mojo - and despite showing signs, he’s never really been Supercoach type. Some coaches will not be able to resist the 203K, but let’s see if he’s even in Hinkley’s primary plan before wasting another second thinking about Raz.

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