Will These 7 Hawthorn Players Be Key to Winning Supercoach in 2023?

There is a team every season that seems to offer up undeniable value amongst its playing ranks. This can be due to coach changes, draft strategy or just where the club is at. Often this creates serious opportunity in terms of Fantasy selection. In 2023, the team is Hawthorn. Here's why.

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1. Jai Newcombe

With Tom Mitchell and Jager O’Meara leaving the Hawks, there are in excess of 200pt+ up for grabs weekly in the midfield. Expect Newcombe to be a big beneficiary of this player movements. He’s already been given the keys to the midfield without fear of being dropped, which shows he is a major part of the Sam Mitchell plan for the Hawks future. Has proven he can get into a supercoach mood with some outstanding first quarter / first half scores - only to run out of puff in the 2nd half. This is part and parcel of being a young player. Expect him to have another level of fitness this season and with those absences in the hawks mids, he looks irresistable as a midfield starting selection.

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2. Dylan Moore

Unsung hero of the hawks underwhelming year. Dylan Moore does all those things that Champion data loves. Contested ball winning in the forward half. Safe disposal. Goal kicker. High forward pressure tackling. Wins free kicks. Also underrated overhead in contested marking. Hustles himself to loose ball gets. Will likely be a coaches favourite in Supercoach by the end of the season. Has shown that he can score large already and should only improve further.

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3. James Worpel

What happened to Worpel? Seemingly the next gun midfielder at Hawthorn a few years back. Now he’s lucky to be in the side. However, with the big off season movement at Hawthorn in regards to their midfield with Jager and Tom Mitchell leaving, the opportunity may arise again for Worpel to reclaim his golden form of 3 years back. It was also the absence of Mitchell back then that allowed Worpel to move into the midfield and prove his worth. So if history repeats, then Worpel will be incredibly undervalued in terms of starting price, and hopefully with the added benefit of being a DPP again.

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4. Karl Amon

Amon is almost unknown outside of South Australia, however after his stellar polling results in the Brownlow and the move to Hawthorn, plenty will be taking notice. Kade Simpson has joined the Hawks as defence coach so will obviously be working closely with Amon and teaching him some tricks about how to boost his scores! In all seriousness, Amons main Supercoach weapon is his beautiful left boot. Can hit a target over 50ms away with ease and is a great decision maker. Like a lot of hawks, will be popular in 2023.

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5. Cooper Stephens

A fresh start at Hawks may unlock his potential. Was pick 16 in 2019 but could not crack it at the Cats. Now with the huge sell off when it comes to premium Hawk mids, a midfielder with opportunity is poised nicely to eat up those missing points from Jager and Mitchell. A contested ball winner, will be one of the most selected cash cows in 2023. Hawks will have plenty of enticing options in 2023 and he is certainly one of them.

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6. Josh Ward

Ward has all the gifts that will likely make him a gun Supercoach premium for years to come. And with Mitchell and Jager departing, the opportunity is his to grab with both hands. A big chance to be lock status prior to round one - depending on how much Coach Mitchell plays him in the mid rotation. Hopefully alot. He showed plenty of promise in his first year and you would think his improvement will be significant.

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7. James Sicily

Heart and soul player of your backline. What set him apart from other defenders is his uncompromising desire to impact a match. He wants to be in the action. He wants to have influence. He is an intentional player who reads the game beautifully. Is a brialliant intercept mark and a booming but accurate kick. Despite getting a lock down role from time to time and often doing ill disciplined acts, he is still able to find the ball and post consistently large supercoach scores. Anyone who had him in their league Grand Final in 2022 will tell you his value is unquestionable.

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So, are these Hawks on your radar?

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