8 Back To the Future 2023 Selections for Retro Supercoach Vibes

A look at Supercoach players who were must have and premos of previous seasons who may again be finding their Supercoach relevance again.

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1. Elliot Yeo 337k Def

He’s back! The Yeoman! Lost in the Supercoach abyss for the past 5 years, Yeo is on track to be a hugely popular selection in 2023. Mainly due to his position as a Defender, but also his price. The Eagles need to turn the corner this year after being borderline uncompetitive through covid. And Yeo might be the catalyst for the turnaround. With any luck, he will be thrown into the midfield as a bull, and that’s when we will really see the Supercoach gains.

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2. Nat Fyfe 313k

What? Nate Fyfe is what price?? 313k? For Fyfe? For over a decade, this would be a no brainer. Fyfe has been a Supercoach Immortal / perma Captain for most of his career. Now he finds himself near the end, and his Supercoach starting price reflect this. As with almost every season of his career, his body is the main question. If Fyfe rotates between the midfield and up fwd, then he seems a lock for a forward position in your team. Or are his SC days over? Hard to know. But Fyfe will certainly be a popular selection based on reputation, position and price.

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3. Ben Cunnington 419k

Everybody is hoping for the best for Cunnington given what he has been through. Cast your mind back a few years and he was considered a premium mid option for a couple of seasons. Since his health battles, he’s obvious had hurdles to jump in order to revive his career. We all hope this is the year. And the side benefit is that he is well underpriced for a player of his ability at 419k. Expected to be a popular pick, as well as one many hope has a great season for other reasons. You should be considering him in your starting lineup.

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4. Rory Sloane 413k

Bargain at 413k. But it’s for good reason. Sloane is no longer the reliable force he once was, and you feel the Crows have moved past him as the one player they turn to when things meed to happen. Will attract some interest, but at his price range there are likely better gambles to be had. Will suck plenty in when named round 1 on the ball, but you feel he is likely only good for a 12 game season at this stage of his career. Resist.

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5. Tom Mitchell 528k

For a player under 30 years old, with a Brownlow, and a consistent asking price over 600k (as high as 750K one years) Tom Mitchell is an interesting AFL football study, let alone Supercoach. Footy pundits are divided on whether he is even a good player. That’s right, a bloke with a Brownlow is having his football credentials questioned. On paper, he seems elite. Yet the Hawks couldn’t get rid of him fast enough at the end of last season, and sold him off on the dirt cheap. It will be intriguing to see how the Pies use him. Will he start at clearances for most of the game or be used sparingly? At 528K, he’s age, footy profile and potential in 2023 would show his real value to be 680K - but, context is in the eye of the beholder. Will gather some takers, but you would expect man to be afraid to take the punt.

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6. Joel Hamling 169k Def

The forgotten defender has been languishing in the ether for the past few years. He will ever be a high scoring supercoach player due to his negating role. But, as a 169K Defender, he looms as a desirable, hopefully reliably playing, cash cow. This is backed up by the opportunity presented by the defence at Fremantle now needing to replace Griffin Logue - even though he was having long stints forward. Could Hamling be that player? Likely to be given a shot.

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7. Conor McKenna 167k Def

Back into the system after some time back in Ireland. Didn’t seem to warm to the Bombers, but now tries his luck at another club. Can be super fun to watch for Supercoaches who aren’t too serious about winning.

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8. Jarman Impey 339k Def

One of the heroes of previous Supercoach seasons, he is back on sale at a discount price of 339K. No, it’s not the 250K odd from a few years back when he really delivered, but it still represents temptation in the backline. The issue now is that his role as the number one rebounding defender is no longer primarily his own. Jiath seems to be favoured, and it’s for this reason it will be hard to take Impey in 2023.

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