8 Early Bird Supercoach Picks for 2023

Having Supercoach withdrawal? Well, we are on the ball early for the 2023 season. We've identified players who will be relevant in the upcoming season so you can keep an eye on them over the preseason. Here are 8 of them!

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1. Darcy Wilmot

Should be a LOCK for your team. Will be a VERY popular selection in 2023 for three reasons. One, he showed great promise in the Finals series despite being a debutant, and polled some great scores. Two, those Finals scores will NOT affect his starting price in 2023, meaning he will be a bargain basement cash cow. And three - he’s damn likeable!

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2. Hayden Young

A star supercoach backman in the making. Exquisite ball use, brialliant footy smarts and can win a contest against an opponent. All these attributes are complimented by a strong defensive unit surrounding him which means he has full licence to rebound and attack. An increase in kick outs from behinds would bolster his stocks into the must have category. Still young, but has shown already he is a reliable performer. Consider getting on board early - will be a good boast among your mates as he’s off broadway.

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3. Jack Bowes

Will be one of the most watched players in the preseason. If Cats are true to their word about his chance to play best 22 footy, then he should get plenty of opportunity early in the season. On the other hand, if Geelong were just flattering Bowes in order to get pick 7, then a season of VFL lies in wait for Bowes and he will need to prove his worth. Keep an eye on preseason matches and assess where Geelong are using him, and how much he gels with the team gameplan.

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4. Rowan Marshall

Has always been a high Supercoach scorer when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, under Ratten he was moved around a bit. However, with Ross Lyon coming in as new coach, you can reasonable expect Marshall to have his role simplified. I.e, you’re a ruckman - get yourself to the centre bounce clearances and around the ground. Lyon made Michael Gardiner into a fantastic ruckman that he always promised to be. So you can expect Marshall will be in Lyon’s group of players that he revolves the teams main gameplan around. The added bonus with Marshall will be if he can be selected as a forward as well as ruck.

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5. Luke Davies Uniacke

Showed he’s ready to be a week to week midfielder with Simpkin as the Kangas build their next gen. Still an iffy choice, not for the faint hearted. With Clarkson now coach, you can expect the consistency in LDU game to be cleaned up. This means he could become a reliable scorer for your supercoach side. Bursts from the packs, big body, and just seems to know what to do with the ball when he gets it. Capable of huge scores - so if PODs are you game, then he’s near the top of the list.

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6. Tim English

English has teased throughout his Supercoach career. Last year summed him up. Some outstanding scores in excess of 120, then a bunch of real flakey sub 80’s thrown in with some long injury spells on the sideline. If you an stomach more of the same, then he has to be considered. The looming threat to his job is Sam Darcy, however he still seems a few seasons off being ready. This should mean English is given full ruck responsibility. We just need him to keep on the park.

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7. Tim Taranto

One of the big off season moves. Taranto, or Tarantula moves to Tigers which could see a large boost in his scoring. If he is available to be selected as a forward, many coaches will consider locking him in for the year as F3 or F4. Can be a little clumsy with disposal and some may consider him a list clogger. He tends to just show enough every few weeks to prevent coaches from trading him out. But at the same time he frustrates with some seemingly half hearted footy at times. Tigers should straighten him out.

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8. Will Gould

Yep, that bloke who has been a starting defensive rookie in your team for what seems like the past 5 years is yet again a hot chance to get a gig for the swans early in 2023. They have extended his contract by one year, which indicates they are willing to persist and want to have a look at him at senior level. Then again, if he doesn’t earn his stripes, you are stuck with him yet again!

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