9 Discounted Premiums to consider in 2023 Supercoach

Grund Sale! Grund Sale! Premium Supercoach selections that are well below their real value in 2023. Are they must haves?

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1. Dom Sheed 332k

Oh hello Mr Sheed? Are you the biggest bargain in 2023? Possibly so. At 332K, Sheed should be one of the first picked players in most midfields. Even in a bad year, you would expect him to deliver an average of 85. He is priced like he is going to score 70s. Suely we can bet against that happening. If the eagles get there act together, Sheed and his mate Yeo may well be the reason why. And you can be assured that their Supercoach scores will benefit. Bordering on first pick status. Take him.

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2. Brayden Maynard 455k

Somewhat a forgotten premium selection for the pies. Was a highly selected defender back in 2020 - but has had a leaning period in terms of his supercoach scoring. Often this is because he is such a team player for the magpies, and can adapt to new roles within a match / week on week that may not be good for his supercoach scoring. Not a lock by any stretch, but worth a look.

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3. Christian Salem 390k

A proven A grader defender who is probably a level below premium status. But at a price of 390K it is worth looking at. Injury is his main hurdle and also his teammates stealing all the Supercoach juice.

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4. Zac Bailey 421k

Turning into everyone’s new favourite player at Brisbane. Bailey is a forward of centre, high impact player. Many see him as the heir apparent to Zorko, and it’s hard to argue against that, although Zorko does find the ball a lot easier. Bailey sits in that same zone as Zac Butters in terms of becoming a rock solid A grader for the next 10 years. His price has gradually creeped up which will turn a few coaches off, as well as the scoring competition from teammates like Neale, Zorko, Lyons and McCluggage.

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5. Adam Saad 567K

Found his mojo in 2022 with dare and dash off Half Back for the blues. The Bombers seemed to suffocate his talents and now he’s reclaimed his role as a creative play maker on the rebound. And is super damaging at that. Is he a Supercoach selection? Do you trust him? It’ probably a 50/50 call at this rate.

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6. Ben Cunnington 419k

Everybody is hoping for the best for Cunnington given what he has been through. Cast your mind back a few years and he was considered a premium mid option for a couple of seasons. Since his health battles, he’s obvious had hurdles to jump in order to revive his career. We all hope this is the year. And the side benefit is that he is well underpriced for a player of his ability at 419k. Expected to be a popular pick, as well as one many hope has a great season for other reasons. You should be considering him in your starting lineup.

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7. Nat Fyfe 313k

What? Nate Fyfe is what price?? 313k? For Fyfe? For over a decade, this would be a no brainer. Fyfe has been a Supercoach Immortal / perma Captain for most of his career. Now he finds himself near the end, and his Supercoach starting price reflect this. As with almost every season of his career, his body is the main question. If Fyfe rotates between the midfield and up fwd, then he seems a lock for a forward position in your team. Or are his SC days over? Hard to know. But Fyfe will certainly be a popular selection based on reputation, position and price.

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8. Patrick Dangerfield 457

A bit like the Cats themselves, footy fans have been saying he’s over the hill for years. Although he may not find his very best again, at 457K as a forward, he’s sure to attract much interest. The issue with him is not his ability, it’s the way he is managed. Geelong don’t need to burn him into the ground week to week and rely on a 30 disposal 3 goal games. In fact, they clearly manage his year to avoid that from happening. Instead, they seem to pick and choose when they unleash him at full throttle, and when they nurse him delicately through games with reduced roles. These are generally the games where he himself looks a bit disinterest. With that said, there is much risk at play with taking Danger, as his scores will likely fluctuate as a result. A bit like Fyfe and a few others, he will be a popular choice based on reputation, but may not be the most sage option.

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9. Rory Sloane 413k

Bargain at 413k. But it’s for good reason. Sloane is no longer the reliable force he once was, and you feel the Crows have moved past him as the one player they turn to when things meed to happen. Will attract some interest, but at his price range there are likely better gambles to be had. Will suck plenty in when named round 1 on the ball, but you feel he is likely only good for a 12 game season at this stage of his career. Resist.

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