Don't Lock Your 2023 Supercoach Team in Without Considering These 13 Players

Whatever you do, at least give consideration to the following players before locking in your final supercoach squad.

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1. Ned Reeves 356k Ruck

At 356K, Reeves may see a huge rise in ownership if named as starting ruck for Hawthorn when the round one teams drop. His competition is Lloyd Meek, and backup development ruckman crossing over from Fremantle. Reeves has had the greater investment and Sam Mitchell has much skin in the game when it comes to Reeves development. So with that in mind, you would think he gets first crack to be the number ruckman at Hawks. As a rule of thumb, don’t take a ruckman as a premo unless he’s first ruck week to week, and you don’t even have to check the teams - you just know.

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2. Josh Dunkley

At close to 600k, it’s quite a big hit of cash to get the Supercoach star that is Josh Dunkley. The question mark over him this year is that he is now at a new club. And this club has a bunch of high scoring Supercoach players already. Having said that, so did the bulldogs, so it shouldn’t impact his scoring too much. And if he is heading north in hunt of midfield minutes, then his starting price of 596K may prove to be a bargain. You just have to start him.

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3. Isaac Heeney

Appears to have finally turned the corner and is now regarded as a certified, more consistent premo who is reliable week to week. A few years of injury and form headaches have burnt coaches over the years. Now Swans are on the rise, and Heeney has well and truly entered his peak. This may be the year that he becomes the top Forward in Supercoach.

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4. Dylan Moore

Unsung hero of the hawks underwhelming year. Dylan Moore does all those things that Champion data loves. Contested ball winning in the forward half. Safe disposal. Goal kicker. High forward pressure tackling. Wins free kicks. Also underrated overhead in contested marking. Hustles himself to loose ball gets. Will likely be a coaches favourite in Supercoach by the end of the season. Has shown that he can score large already and should only improve further. Certainly one to consider, and may not be as popular as you think. We like those types!

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5. Jason Horne-Francis 348k

Plenty of hysteria around his first season. Was he giving it his best for the kangas? Anyway, he now finds himself where he prefers to be at Port, and it could see him explode in 2023 alongside Wines, Rozee and Butters in the Port midfield. Will be given every opportunity to show his true ability and is priced unders given his efforts in 2023. Or was that the real Horne Frances we saw? Worth a punt for the real hardcore POD hunters.

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6. Jade Gresham 481k

Option as a forward, Gresham is somewhat polarising when it comes to his Supercoach worth. He had patches in games that seem like he’s involved in heavy supercoach scoring parts of play, and his score can rapidly rise. However, he can also go missing, and be a tad inconsistent. It will be interesting to see what Ross Lyon wants to do with him. If he plants him permanently forward, you can probably forget about selecting him. However, if he still gets plenty of midfield high impact minutes, then those coaches who have liked him in the past will be tempted to continue their investment in him. It’s likely a no go zone for most.

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7. Changkuoth Jiath 427k Def

Another hawk player to show heavy promise in 2021 only to hit a minor roadblock. Jiath is exciting to watch and can bring plenty of enjoyment to your supercoach viewing if you have him. Hopefully returns to his creative backline rebounding defender role in 2023 - and if so, he’s a handy price. Consider.

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8. Angus Brayshaw

Back to Defender status in Supercoach means back to consideration. And deep consideration at that. Should be one of the most picked premium defenders by the seasons end. Save yourself the trouble and just start him from the get go. Tick.

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9. Jordan Ridley 504k

Had a quiet Supercoach season by his standards. Could be put down to the Rutten derailment. However, with a new coach at the helm, you can expect Ridley to be rejuvenated, and hopefully his new coach respects his talents as much as us Supercoach lovers do. Great decision maker, clean ball user, moves well, reads the games, intercepts. And his price is below what his real value should be. Take a strong look.

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10. Sam Flanders 256

Former top 5 draft who has chins wagging in the Gold Coast preseason. Seems the penny may have dropped, and a big improvement is on the cards in 2023. At 256K Mid/Fwd, he’s on the cusp of big supercoach backing in 2023 based on preseason hype. It may turn out to be just that - hype. The upside is too good to ignore though, and he looms as a player you simply MUST keep an eye on in the preseason. To be continued.

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11. Darcy Wilmott 123k

Should be a LOCK for your team. Will be a VERY popular selection in 2023 for three reasons. One, he showed great promise in the Finals series despite being a debutant, and polled some great scores. Two, those Finals scores will NOT affect his starting price in 2023, meaning he will be a bargain basement cash cow. And three - he’s damn likeable!

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12. Tim Taranto 503k

One of the big offseason moves. Taranto, or Tarantula moves to Tigers which could see a large boost in his scoring. If he is available to be selected as a forward, many coaches will consider locking him in for the year as F3 or F4. Can be a little clumsy with disposal and some may consider him a list clogger. He tends to just show enough every few weeks to prevent coaches from trading him out. But at the same time he frustrates with some seemingly half hearted footy at times. Tigers should straighten him out.

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13. Adam Saad

Found his mojo in 2022 with dare and dash off Half Back for the blues. The Bombers seemed to suffocate his talents and now he’s reclaimed his role as a creative play maker on the rebound. And is super damaging at that. Is he a Supercoach selection? Do you trust him? It’ probably a 50/50 call at this rate.

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