How these 7 players Will Determine the Outcome of your 2023 Season

Sometimes it feels like your entire season rests on the selection of a few players from the outset. These are those players in 2023.

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1. Elliot Yeo 337k Def

He’s back! The Yeoman! Lost in the Supercoach abyss for the past 5 years, Yeo is on track to be a hugely popular selection in 2023. Mainly due to his position as a Defender, but also his price. The Eagles need to turn the corner this year after being borderline uncompetitive through covid. And Yeo might be the catalyst for the turnaround. With any luck, he will be thrown into the midfield as a bull, and that’s when we will really see the Supercoach gains.

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2. Patrick Dangerfield 457k

A bit like the Cats themselves, footy fans have been saying he’s over the hill for years. Although he may not find his very best again, at 457K as a forward, he’s sure to attract much interest. The issue with him is not his ability, it’s the way he is managed. Geelong don’t need to burn him into the ground week to week and rely on a 30 disposal 3 goal games. In fact, they clearly manage his year to avoid that from happening. Instead, they seem to pick and choose when they unleash him at full throttle, and when they nurse him delicately through games with reduced roles. These are generally the games where he himself looks a bit disinterest. With that said, there is much risk at play with taking Danger, as his scores will likely fluctuate as a result. A bit like Fyfe and a few others, he will be a popular choice based on reputation, but may not be the most sage option.

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3. Tim Taranto 503k

One of the big offseason moves. Taranto, or Tarantula moves to Tigers which could see a large boost in his scoring. If he is available to be selected as a forward, many coaches will consider locking him in for the year as F3 or F4. Can be a little clumsy with disposal and some may consider him a list clogger. He tends to just show enough every few weeks to prevent coaches from trading him out. But at the same time he frustrates with some seemingly half hearted footy at times. Tigers should straighten him out.

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4. Angus Brayshaw 550k

Back to Defender status in Supercoach means back to consideration. And deep consideration at that. Should be one of the most picked premium defenders by the seasons end. Save yourself the trouble and just start him from the get go. Tick.

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5. Connor Rozee 513k

Proved for the first time in 2022 that he is entering the elite. And the change came with more time spent in the midfield (as tends to happen). Interest in Rozee will be as a forward, even though he can be taken as a mid. 513K for a starting price seems too good to miss, so you can bet your bottom dollar he will be an extremely popular selection.

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6. Dom Sheed 332k

Oh hello Mr Sheed? Are you the biggest bargain in 2023? Possibly so. At 332K, Sheed should be one of the first picked players in most midfields. Even in a bad year, you would expect him to deliver an average of 85. He is priced like he is going to score 70s. Suely we can bet against that happening. If the eagles get there act together, Sheed and his mate Yeo may well be the reason why. And you can be assured that their Supercoach scores will benefit. Bordering on first pick status. Take him.

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7. Will Ashcroft 202k

The father son gift for Brisbane. Clearly the best player in the 2022 National Draft, and Brisbane have him signed, sealed and delivered. An explosive midfielder that bursts away from the contested packs. Plays hard and has an attacking mindset when disposing the ball. Was averaging 35+ touches in the juniors. so a complete ball magnet as well. Such a huge win for Brisbane. Priced as a premium rookie, will be one of the most selected players this year. Run all day onballer. Will be tough cracking into the Brissie midfield though.

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