Let's look at why these 12 cash cows are trending in 2023

Here are the players that everyone in Supercoach circles seem to be talking about. It may be based on their preseason, insider knowledge, or even just club whispers. Enjoy.

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1. Josh Weddle 130k

Defender with great agility. Probably not ready to make a huge impact this season, but this super athletic prospect could surprise a few recruiters that overlook him. Alex Rance anyone? Won the time trial at Hawks and is impressing the coaches early. Could be a round one bolter.

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2. Joel Hamling 169k

The forgotten defender has been languishing in the ether for the past few years. He will ever be a high scoring supercoach player due to his negating role. But, as a 169K Defender, he looms as a desirable, hopefully reliably playing, cash cow. This is backed up by the opportunity presented by the defence at Fremantle now needing to replace Griffin Logue - even though he was having long stints forward. Could Hamling be that player? Likely to be given a shot.

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3. Conor McKenna 169k

Back into the system after some time back in Ireland. Didn’t seem to warm to the Bombers, but now tries his luck at another club. Can be super fun to watch for Supercoaches who aren’t too serious about winning.

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4. Ben King 176k

One thing is certain. Ben King will be a must have in your team. The question is, when. Should you select him from the start? OR should you wait until he’s had 2 games back and use him as a trade. Recovering from an ACL, King is price well below his worth, at 176K. This means he represents one of the biggest bargains in 2023. It’s all about when he is ready to play - so in making the decision, let’s defer to the GC injury list. If he’s off that, then he’s in our SC team. Easy.

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5. Connor Blakely 123k

Ex freo - shown plenty of Supercoach ability in the past. Huge risk pick. Big bragging rights if it pulls off. Only 123k for a semi proven point scorer. Will be worth a look as a bench spot early days. Will be a popular selection based on price, and the fact that some Supercoachers will have long memories, way back to a time when he may have even been bordering Premo status for a month or so.

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6. Cam McKenzie 180k

One of the ones to watch in 2023. Could arguably be a first pick based on his all round talents. Great ball user, provides damaging disposal into the forward 50, which we know Champion Data love. Tackles hard and seems to be a step ahead of everyone on the field. Many have likened him to Callum Mills which is apt - but we see a stark resemblance to Sam Mitchell. Could be a 300 gamer and future leader. Likely to get some opportunity early. Keep on the radar.

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7. Sam Flanders 256

Former top 5 draft who has chins wagging in the Gold Coast preseason. Seems the penny may have dropped, and a big improvement is on the cards in 2023. At 256K Mid/Fwd, he’s on the cusp of big supercoach backing in 2023 based on preseason hype. It may turn out to be just that - hype. The upside is too good to ignore though, and he looms as a player you simply MUST keep an eye on in the preseason. To be continued.

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8. Josh Bruce 161k

A pretty filthy name in Supercoach circles. He looks like he may adopt more of a mentor role to some young gun dogs rather than be the on field target himself. His cheap price is the lure, at 161K. But it feels like this one is a trap. Don’t fall into it. Although, if named round one, this recommendation will certainly not have aged well and his ownership will be through the roof.

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9. Finley Macrae 123k

Brother of Jackson from the Dogs, this Macrae will relish the rise in level from the juniors. Like his brother, will love finding space and will gather heaps of the ball as the year goes on

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10. Josh Sinn 123k

You can already tell that Sinn is going to be a special player. He has that vibe about his character and his talent certainly backs it. Port will be over the moon with him. And this year should bring proper opportunity. The good news is he is even cheaper this year at 123k. So whack him on your bench.

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11. Will Ashcroft 202k

The father son gift for Brisbane. Clearly the best player in the 2022 National Draft, and Brisbane have him signed, sealed and delivered. An explosive midfielder that bursts away from the contested packs. Plays hard and has an attacking mindset when disposing the ball. Was averaging 35+ touches in the juniors. so a complete ball magnet as well. Such a huge win for Brisbane. Priced as a premium rookie, will be one of the most selected players this year. Run all day onballer. Will be tough cracking into the Brissie midfield though.

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12. George Wardlaw 193k

Wardlaw is head down, bum up type of player. Loves the contested stuff, fighting for the pill in the pack scrape. And, what helps, is he’s elite at it. Winning the ball seems to be his primary focus. And this is great for his supercoach prospects. Add to this the fact that he’s already quick strong bodied in the muscle department, and I think it’s fair to say we have a round one midfield starter for 2023. Must be considered. The only query on him is his unlucky injury record. Great skills, runs both ways. Tackles.

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