Major 10 Break Out Supercoach Prospects in 2023

Every year a handful of player reach the next level and become elite. Here are a few candidates for 2023 Breakout Supercoach players.

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1. Hayden Young 508k

A star supercoach backman in the making. Exquisite ball use, brilliant footy smarts and can win a contest against an opponent. All these attributes are complimented by a strong defensive unit surrounding him which means he has full licence to rebound and attack. An increase in kick outs from behinds would bolster his stocks into the must have category. Still young, but has shown already he is a reliable performer. Consider getting on board early - will be a good boast among your mates as he’s off broadway.

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2. Will Day 362k Def

There are high hopes for Will Day, and it’s not surprising as to why. A highly talented, intelligent footballer with elite disposal and decision making skills. Day was unfortunately injured consistently which stunted his growth. But don’t let that put you off. Coach Mitchell will have Day marked as a major part of his plans for the next 5 years. Reasonably priced, albeit still a fairly risky supercoach selection at this point.

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3. Josh Goater 192K Def

Looked great in his one game in 2022. At 192K, he might be a new Clarkson project player that gets opportunity based on Clarkos stubbornness to be proved right.

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4. Ben Hobbs 347k

Expect some serious midfield minutes this year. Already had his initial rookie season and will be priced accordingly. Will be interesting to monitor how much new coach Brad Scott wants to fast track him as a midfielder. Only for the high risk type coaches.

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5. Marcus Windhager 266k

A bit off broadway as a selection, but there are huge wraps on Windhager at the saints. Comes in at 266K for a DPP Mid Forward. Has all the discipline to be a Ross Lyon teachers pet, which is another reason why big things are expected of him under the new coach. Certainly an element of risk involved, but he looms as a surprise bolter under Ross Lyon. Consider.

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6. Finley Macrae 123k

Brother of Jackson from the Dogs, this Macrae will relish the rise in level from the juniors. Like his brother, will love finding space and will gather heaps of the ball as the year goes on

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7. Josh Sinn 123k

You can already tell that Sinn is going to be a special player. He has that vibe about his character and his talent certainly backs it. Port will be over the moon with him. And this year should bring proper opportunity. The good news is he is even cheaper this year at 123k. So whack him on your bench.

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8. Andrew McGrath 478k Def Mid

The former number 1 draft pick has frustrated Bomber fans (and Supercoachers) for years. He looks to have all the tool and the right skillset to be elite. He has shown glimpses that he can reach the next level. Yet he hasn’t. Many put in down to the debacle that has been Essendon over the past few (20?) years, but maybe he just isn’t as great a player as his number one pick status represents. However, those coaches who have been keen on him for years will certainly not pass of the opportunity to take him in defence - which brings renewed interest in taking him from the start. Consider, as this may be the only season he can be taken sub 500k and in defence again.

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9. Chad Warner 532K

Many will argue he just had his breakout season in 2022. But you feel there is another level. I,e the above 600k premo / maybe POD captain from time to time level. He has all the attributes the Supercoach Gods love. Contested beast, damaging long kick, boots goals, tackles, can mark, wins tough contests, impacts matches… Gold. As he enters another season you would expect all these areas to improve another 20%. And for Longmire to give him even more responsibility in his quest for another Grand Final appearance. Look at strongly.

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10. Jai Newcombe 478K

With Tom Mitchell and Jaeger O’Meara leaving the Hawks, there are in excess of 200pt+ up for grabs weekly in the midfield. Expect Newcombe to be a big beneficiary of this player movements. He’s already been given the keys to the midfield without fear of being dropped, which shows he is a major part of the Sam Mitchell plan for the Hawks future. Has proven he can get into a supercoach mood with some outstanding first quarter / first half scores - only to run out of puff in the 2nd half. This is part and parcel of being a young player. Expect him to have another level of fitness this season and with those absences in the hawks mids, he looks irresistible as a midfield starting selection.

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