Why these 8 players are now Supercoach relevant

Often dirty names in Supercoach and fantasy circles, these players are actually in consideration for 2023 believe it or not.

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1. Aaron Francis 189k Def

New start at the Swans may get his career going after being a failed top 10 selection for the Bombers. In his defence, the unstable environment at Windy Hill probably didn’t help him to reach his potential, and if any club can turn it around it’s the Swans. After what they were able to achieve with Paddy McCartin in 2022, you would back them in to do something similar with Francis. But, what position if available to him? Will he need injury to key personal to get a run at it? At this stage, yes. Unless he knocks the preseason out of the park, you can’t see him starting in Sydney’s best 22, which afterall, was a Runner Up best 22. Watch and see how his early form look. And watch for injury to players like McDonald, McCartin(s) and Buddy.

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2. Jayden Hunt 285k Def

New club means a fresh look is needed at his Supercoach prospects. The Eagles have delisted Jackson Nelson which means a Half Back position is available for a suitor ready to grasp it. Hunt has all the attributes for the job, and has shown it in big chunks in his time at the Dees. At 285K, he won’t be an auto pick, but he will get lots of selection due to the change of club, position, and price. Consider.

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3. Zaine Cordy 231k Def

Moved across to the Saints. Wouldn’t normally be on the radar, HOWEVER at 231K, Cordy should be considered. It will all come down to job security and how Ross Lyon views him. If Ross Lyon sees him as best 22, then you can expect strong investment in his development in a role at Saints. If it looks a bit flakey early in terms of position he’s being players, then you can forget it - Ross will cast him to the bin, or at best be swung into the side as spare parts on a needs basis. Keep and eye on how consistent his role is.

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4. Tippa 209k

He’s back! The Bomber favourite is returning for season 2023 at very cheap price point of 209K! We won’t be expecting the same player though. Tippa has missed a year, and that will be hard to make up. Expect him to be damaging and exciting, but probably less consistent. All eyes will be on Round One team selection which will probably make the decision a simple one for coaches. If he is name, select him. If he’s not, don’t. If he’s emergency…. God help us.

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5. Marcus Windhager 266k

A bit off broadway as a selection, but there are huge wraps on Windhager at the saints. Comes in at 266K for a DPP Mid Forward. Has all the discipline to be a Ross Lyon teachers pet, which is another reason why big things are expected of him under the new coach. Certainly an element of risk involved, but he looms as a surprise bolter under Ross Lyon. Consider.

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6. Joel Hamling 169k

The forgotten defender has been languishing in the ether for the past few years. He will ever be a high scoring supercoach player due to his negating role. But, as a 169K Defender, he looms as a desirable, hopefully reliably playing, cash cow. This is backed up by the opportunity presented by the defence at Fremantle now needing to replace Griffin Logue - even though he was having long stints forward. Could Hamling be that player? Likely to be given a shot.

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7. Josh Bruce 161k

A pretty filthy name in Supercoach circles. He looks like he may adopt more of a mentor role to some young gun dogs rather than be the on field target himself. His cheap price is the lure, at 161K. But it feels like this one is a trap. Don’t fall into it. Although, if named round one, this recommendation will certainly not have aged well and his ownership will be through the roof.

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8. Connor Blakely 123k

Ex freo - shown plenty of Supercoach ability in the past. Huge risk pick. Big bragging rights if it pulls off. Only 123k for a semi proven point scorer. Will be worth a look as a bench spot early days. Will be a popular selection based on price, and the fact that some Supercoachers will have long memories, way back to a time when he may have even been bordering Premo status for a month or so.

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