Will these 8 erratic players finally become reliable Supercoach selections

They drive you nuts. Extreme highs, then extreme lows. These bunch of players are not for the faint hearted. High risk, high reward types that can make or break your season.

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1. Connor Rozee 513k

Proved for the first time in 2022 that he is entering the elite. And the change came with more time spent in the midfield (as tends to happen). Interest in Rozee will be as a forward, even though he can be taken as a mid. 513K for a starting price seems too good to miss, so you can bet your bottom dollar he will be an extremely popular selection.

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2. Bailey Frtisch 360k

Slender build with a huge head, Fritsch does not appear the quintessential key forward for the Premiership side, or a bloke who would kick 6 to turn the game in a Grand Finals. Well, face it, he is. It’s hard to fathom how quickly he rose to now be considered on track to be elite, as many fans are likely still in denial that he could reach those heights. But it’s hard to argue that he’s not heading there. Perhaps his unassuming softish physique or gangly limbs lead many to conclude he is a bit player, but his goal column stats would suggest otherwise. Like a young Gunston, he slips through the cracks on the opposition defence and hurts you on the scoreboard. Still not a high possession player, which is why he probably is not a Supercoach type selection at this point, even at this price.

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3. Jack Martin 297k

Coaches with long memories will recall Martin reached semi premo levels a few years ago. So much so, he was traded in more than he was traded out a few years back. That was under Teague. Under Voss, his role has seemed less prominent. He has been cast more as a bit player which may also be the result of some injury setbacks. So should you take him up forward this year? Well, coaches were jumping on him at 450k a few years back - this year he is 297K. You do the math.

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4. Tarryn Thomas 295

At 295K, fans of Thomas and his potential over the past few seasons will stick fat and roll the dice with him again. It is a good price entry point for a potential forward who may average 90+ given his predictive calculation. And throw in that he now has a proven coach that can nurture his talents, Thomas is far from being a horrendous selection that some suggest he is. A risky one, yes, but not horrendous.

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5. James Worpel 309

What happened to Worpel? Seemingly the next gun midfielder at Hawthorn a few years back. Now he’s lucky to be in the side. However, with the big offseason movement at Hawthorn in regards to their midfield with Jager and Tom Mitchell leaving, the opportunity may arise again for Worpel to reclaim his golden form of 3 years back. It was also the absence of Mitchell back then that allowed Worpel to move into the midfield and prove his worth. So if history repeats, then Worpel will be incredibly undervalued in terms of starting price, and hopefully with the added benefit of being a DPP again.

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6. Connor Blakely 123k

Ex freo - shown plenty of Supercoach ability in the past. Huge risk pick. Big bragging rights if it pulls off. Only 123k for a semi proven point scorer. Will be worth a look as a bench spot early days. Will be a popular selection based on price, and the fact that some Supercoachers will have long memories, way back to a time when he may have even been bordering Premo status for a month or so.

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7. Chad Wingard 352k

A tease for coaches. Many remember his exploits at Port when he was a happy go lucky premo POD option up forward. It was super fun ride. Nowadays, Wingard has lost the ‘cool’ that made him stand out as a Supercoach option. Perhaps his age just caught up with him, or perhaps the hawks ironed the ill discipline out of him. Either way, the Chad might be getting some love this year at 352K. Hopefully that love may reignite his spark. Risk.

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8. Aaron Francis 189k

New start at the Swans may get his career going after being a failed top 10 selection for the Bombers. In his defence, the unstable environment at Windy Hill probably didn’t help him to reach his potential, and if any club can turn it around it’s the Swans. After what they were able to achieve with Paddy McCartin in 2022, you would back them in to do something similar with Francis. But, what position if available to him? Will he need injury to key personal to get a run at it? At this stage, yes. Unless he knocks the preseason out of the park, you can’t see him starting in Sydney’s best 22, which afterall, was a Runner Up best 22. Watch and see how his early form look. And watch for injury to players like McDonald, McCartin(s) and Buddy.

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