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Ben Cunnington

North Melbourne | (MID)

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  is a very risky selection that could go either way.
2020 Prediction 2020 Actual Ave % Difference Result

Ben Cunnington is a veteran of the competition. Playing for North Melbourne, Ben Cunnington has had a long career and is now a leader at the club.

Supercoach Context

Ben Cunnington is a supercoach gun and is capable of pulling some huge scores.


Ben Cunnington has shown that injuries can impact his season, having suffered several in the past. It is not a trend that has developed with this player, but something to be wary of before selecting him.

Ben Cunnington is a player that you can predict will play around half the matches for the season this year for North Melbourne. The type that is good for cash cow purposes, but not a season long lock for your side.


Ben Cunnington is stuck in the 90s zone, which can be a good thing if they are solidly producing it week to week. However, it may be that this players has big highs and lows that cause this average.

Team Type

Ben Cunnington is a high risk, high reward player and is suited to a supercoach team that is contemplating a risky structure.