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Cameron Ellis-Yolmen

Brisbane | (MID)

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  should not be on your radar.
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Cameron Ellis-Yolmen is a well established player by now, with all the required development over his career to have made it at the top level.

Supercoach Context

Cameron Ellis-Yolmen is pretty average when it comes to supercoach. Cameron Ellis-Yolmen may post a decent score from time to time, but will mostly hover around the pretty forgettable score zone. Selecting Cameron Ellis-Yolmen will likely lead to copping some sub 60 scores during the season.


Cameron Ellis-Yolmen misses the occasional week with a slight niggle, which can be very annoying for supercoaches. Generally it's the type of injury that sees Cameron Ellis-Yolmen miss a week, but then return fine the week after. These are the type of players who are often a late withdrawal from games. Cameron Ellis-Yolmen is also likely to be not risked by Brisbane at the slightest hint of a minor injury.

Cameron Ellis-Yolmen is a player that you can predict will play around half the matches for the season this year for Brisbane. The type that is good for cash cow purposes, but not a season long lock for your side.


Cameron Ellis-Yolmen will be pumping out a heap of mediocre scores this season. These are the kind of scores you do not want on field and counting towards your total. The only time you want these scores from Cameron Ellis-Yolmen is if you have got him as a cash cow and are looking to sell.

Team Type

Cameron Ellis-Yolmen will drive you nuts. The ups and downs of his scoring will cause coaches to tear their hair out. And just when you are ready to part ways and trade him, he will pull out a monster score. Putting this player in your lineup is not for the faint hearted. It's gunna be a thrilling rollar coaster ride. Coaches wanting to take an unpredictable, enigma type player in their side have defintely landed on the right option here.