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Daniel Lloyd


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  should not be on your radar.
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Daniel Lloyd is a well established player by now, with all the required development over his career to have made it at the top level.

Supercoach Context

Daniel Lloyd is not a supercoach type at all. Some players are more suited to the scoring system than others, and Daniel Lloyd certainly sits in the not suited pile.


Daniel Lloyd is a reliable week to week prospect with a healthy body that can survive the rigors of the game. You can count on Daniel Lloyd to not get an injury that will lead to him missing games. This makes Daniel Lloyd a low risk choice when it comes to considering players who might be injury prone.

Do not pick Daniel Lloyd if you are looking for a week to week contributor. This will not happen. Daniel Lloyd will be lucky to play a handful of matches, which can be just enough to justify him as a cash cow, but certainly not a long term selection.


Daniel Lloyd will remain in the 70pts area for most of the season. Not where you want long term players scoring, but it's acceptable for a cash cow or emergency player.

Team Type

Daniel Lloyd is a high risk, high reward player and is suited to a supercoach team that is contemplating a risky structure.