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Dayne Beams

Collingwood | (MID)

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  should not be on your radar.
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Has problems. Steer clear.

Dayne Beams is a superstar of the competition, and a must consider option for your supercoach team.

Supercoach Context

Dayne Beams sucks at Supercoach scoring. Whether it's the role his forced to play at Collingwood or whether he's just a poor footballer, you will not be reaping many points for your side.


Dayne Beams has shown that injuries can impact his season, having suffered several in the past. It is not a trend that has developed with this player, but something to be wary of before selecting him.

Do not pick Dayne Beams if you are looking for a week to week contributor. This will not happen. Dayne Beams will be lucky to play a handful of matches, which can be just enough to justify him as a cash cow, but certainly not a long term selection.


Dayne Beams will be a terrfic scorer all season, right up there with the top end players in supercoach. He will be reliable for over 100pts on a weekly basis, with the big score thrown in occasionally. For certain matchups when Collingwood is playing another club, Dayne Beams may be considered as a great Captian choice.

Team Type

Selecting Dayne Beams is an extremely stable investment for your side. He's a very popular selection and will be a reliable point scoring machine. He is a predictable choice in supercoach and for good reason. He will deliver the goods.