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Gary Ablett jnr

Geelong | (MID)

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 Gary Ablett jnr should be considered in your side.
2019 Prediction 2019 Actual Ave % Difference Result
96.7295.71.07%solid prediction

Gary Ablett jnr is a veteran of the competition. Playing for Geelong, Gary Ablett jnr has had a long career and is now a leader at the club.

Supercoach Context

Gary Ablett jnr is a supercoach star and has proven this status in the past seasons with monster scoring and a high season average.


Gary Ablett jnr has shown that injuries can impact his season, having suffered several in the past. It is not a trend that has developed with this player, but something to be wary of before selecting him.

Gary Ablett jnr is expected to play the majority of the season, but probably not every match. Will likely miss a few matches for one reason or another. This makes Gary Ablett jnr a bit risky for supercoach, but it shouldn't totally scare you off selecting him, especially if it's a cash cow inspired selection where you take him at a price too good to refuse.


Gary Ablett jnr is gunna get you scores around the 100 mark all season, and likely average just above that mark at the end of the year. This can be a good point of difference type selection, and something that may pay big dividends if something happens (like an injury) to a more popular selection that averages higher.

Team Type

Selecting Gary Ablett jnr is an extremely stable investment for your side. He's a very popular selection and will be a reliable point scoring machine. He is a predictable choice in supercoach and for good reason. He will deliver the goods.