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Heath Shaw


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  should not be on your radar.
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Heath Shaw is a veteran of the competition. Playing for GWS, Heath Shaw has had a long career and is now a leader at the club.

Supercoach Context

Heath Shaw is a supercoach gun and is capable of pulling some huge scores.


Heath Shaw misses the occasional week with a slight niggle, which can be very annoying for supercoaches. Generally it's the type of injury that sees Heath Shaw miss a week, but then return fine the week after. These are the type of players who are often a late withdrawal from games. Heath Shaw is also likely to be not risked by GWS at the slightest hint of a minor injury.

Do not pick Heath Shaw if you are looking for a week to week contributor. This will not happen. Heath Shaw will be lucky to play a handful of matches, which can be just enough to justify him as a cash cow, but certainly not a long term selection.


Heath Shaw will remain in the 70pts area for most of the season. Not where you want long term players scoring, but it's acceptable for a cash cow or emergency player.

Team Type

Heath Shaw is a high risk, high reward player and is suited to a supercoach team that is contemplating a risky structure.