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Isaac Quaynor

Collingwood | (DEF)

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 Isaac Quaynor is a cash cow selection option.
2019 Prediction 2019 Actual Ave % Difference Result

There are extremely high expectations on Isaac Quaynor. Going into his first year at Collingwood, Isaac Quaynor is considered to be a young talent that can potentially develop into a superstar for Collingwood.

Supercoach Context

Isaac Quaynor is an unknown prospect when it comes to supercoach, and could be anything. This brings coaches much excitement and intrigue, yet also can lead to dissapointment if Isaac Quaynor doesn't turn out to be a supercoach type, or struggles to gain selection at Collingwood


Isaac Quaynor is a reliable week to week prospect with a healthy body that can survive the rigors of the game. You can count on Isaac Quaynor to not get an injury that will lead to him missing games. This makes Isaac Quaynor a low risk choice when it comes to considering players who might be injury prone.

Isaac Quaynor is a player that you can predict will play around half the matches for the season this year for Collingwood. The type that is good for cash cow purposes, but not a season long lock for your side.


Isaac Quaynor will remain in the 70pts area for most of the season. Not where you want long term players scoring, but it's acceptable for a cash cow or emergency player.

Team Type

Selecting Isaac Quaynor is an extremely stable investment for your side. He's a very popular selection and will be a reliable point scoring machine. He is a predictable choice in supercoach and for good reason. He will deliver the goods.