AFL Supercoach 2021 Model

Get the 2021 scoring outcome for every player based on their durability, ability, historical performance, potential and scoring habits.

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Round 1 Hits and Misses + Who Is Trending For Round 2

23rd March, 2021

# Bargains

Well, how did your team go in round one? There were certainly a few surprises in terms of the results. And there were also many ey...

28 Performances in the AFL Community Series You Can't Ignore

8th March, 2021

# Bargains

So we've had our first look at all the shiny new Supercoach toys in 2021. Not just the new ones, but our favourites as well. W...

THAT forward line strategy EVERYONE is talking about in 2021 Supercoach

3rd March, 2021

# Bargains

It's no secret that in afl supercoach 2021 most of the biggest decisions made will relate to the forward line. The perfect sto...