Don't Lock Your 2024 Supercoach Team in Without Considering These 7 Players

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Liam Baker

Gutsy little defender for the Tigers who can swing forward to kick a goal too. In the same mold as Caleb Daniel in some regards. Looked like a must have premo at one point last early year, but then ran out of steam, just like the Tigers. Has Def/Fwd DPP at 445k it’s a no, but worth a quick thought in your lineup if you want something different.

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Harry Himmelberg

Interesting watch. Looks a fine Supercoach Premium as a Defender, especially when he can hoover up the kick ins. Unpredictable with positioning though. When forward, not nearly the same output in terms of Supercoach scoring. If we knew he was going to take the inbound kick ins for the entire year (well, most of them), he’d be on the keenly watch list. But with various others looming around him for that job, it’s hard to trust he will remain in the same place all season. Take a look.

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Changkuoth Jiath

Those with long memories will recall CJ bouncing off the half back with scintillating, attacking runs. A delight to watch in action, unlucky with injury recently. Inside sources suggest he is set to play on the wing this year, which isn’t known for its Supercoach scoring strength. For 347k he will attract some interested buyers, but will need to be convincing in his preseason matches. Watch. (UPDATE: He’s done a hammy in the preseason intraclub).

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Isaac Cumming

Cumming is listed at a 387k defender, which is certainly unders considering the past few years of his scoring output. Probably too much in the lock down defender mould to be taken to seriously as a Supercoach premium, but he may prove to be a valuable early round mid pricer that can grow steadily in value for a later upgrade.

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Elijah Tsatas

Spent his first season injured but showed some decent signs late. Nice mover, collects the ball well, but has a question mark over his disposal. But, he does seem to have a knack of getting the right spots ie, where the ball is. This means he reads the game very well. It may transfer into Supercoach gold later in his career, but for 2024 he would only be seen as a high priced rookie option. Should get game time as the Bombers seem keen on getting those young mids into the mix.

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Mabior Chol

Makes the difficult look easy at times, and has an exciting presence about him particularly when he flies for the ball up forward and follows up at ground level. Often though, he looks a tad lazy. Seems to pick and choose a bit when it comes to effort. Expect Mitchell and Hawthorn to iron this quirk out of his game though. As far as Supercoach goes, it would be a bold pick, but not a terrible one. But with Lynch at the same price it would be hard to justify Chol over him. For the adventurous coaches.

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Alwyn Davey Jnr

Showed promising glimpses in his first season, though tired quickly. Another preseason should see him get early matches again for the Bombers. The appeal for Davey is that he is still at a decent price of 208k. Some veteran supercoachers with long memories will be backing him based of his fathers exploits as a cash cow back in… well, and heck of a long time ago in Supercoach years. Watch.

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