(2024) These 7 Erratic Supercoach Favourites Might Finally Become Consistent

Here is an article about some favs who may deliver for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Steven May

Flakey and frustrating, but does things during matches that get big points ie, winning one on ones in defense and taking intercept contested marks. Gives away free kicks and sometimes his body language doesn’t fit the calm Supercoach citizen mold. Always a consideration, albeit better options are likely to tempt the majority of coaches in defense. At 468k, he is certainly underpriced.

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Zac Bailey

Who doesn’t love Zac Bailey. Goes the right way about his footy, does impactful actions during games that the Supercoach Gods reward. Is a bit of a tease. Everything points to him being a solid Supercoach Premium yet he isn’t. Inconsistent and big competition for points among teammates restricts his ability to soar as a Supercoach regular. For those who like exciting risks, he’s right up your alley.

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Karl Amon

A consistent performer with solid job security and reliable disposal, Amon is a valuable pick at his price. Despite potential coaching uncertainties, his proven track record and versatility make him a steal at 483k if Hawthorn play him the right way.

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Luke Jackson

With his past success and newfound role at Dockers, Jackson is a must-consider in 2024 Supercoach teams. But Sean Darcy had an uncharacteristically off season in 2023, which did allow Jackson the blossom. Will Darcy’s return to form in 2024 provide a block on Jacksons scoring ability potentially. Keep an eye on the form of Sean Darcy.

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Jeremy Cameron

Jezza is a delight to watch and a unique Superstar of the game. Can pick and choose when he wants to play well it seems. Gets up for a big game and really can plunder when the downhill ski is on. Can go missing in tight affairs where defenses dominate the possession count. You know, those ugly arm wrestle games that are atrocious to watch as both teams flood and raffle possies among defenders. Usually it’s a soft no call for Cameron when it comes to Supercoach, but in 2024, with the lack of mid/fwd DPP Premos, he’s worth a serious look for 462k.

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Isaac Heeney

Once a Brownlow contender, Heeney’s star has slightly dimmed, but his potential remains. Though his club position from week to week in the team raises many questions, at 483k, he presents a tantalizing option with possible big returns.

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Jade Gresham

Gresham offers value potential at 373k. While not overly as flashy as his reputation leads people to believe, his effectiveness shines, albeit with much consistency. A coin flip for many, but his price makes him tempting for Supercoach teams aiming for balance and potential forwards who can rotate through the midfield.

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