10 Discounted Premiums to ponder in 2024 Supercoach

Here is an article about all the Discounted Premiums for 2024 in Supercoach. Update - some injuries have occurred to several players on this list in the preseason (uuugh!). Sorry for the jinx.

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Jack Steele

Potentially one of the best buys in 2024 at this price of 529k. Reliable, job security, doesn’t get tagged, disposal accumulator, safe ball user, tackles and wins free kicks. The main danger is the coach Ross Lyon doing something Ross Lyon-y with his role. We can only go with the known things though, and that is Steele is indeed a steal at 529k.

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Ollie Wines

Somewhat a fallen star, has been bundled out of his Brownlow pole position by Butters and Rozee. Perhaps should have changed clubs in the offseason, in which case he’d have been a no brainer selection. Instead, he remains at Port, and somewhat an enigma in Supercoach. So in the answer of whether to pick him at 463k… well, it’s an option. And could pay big dividends.

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Sam Walsh

Walsh will be popular in 2024. Somewhat a burn man of late, his star trajectory still points north. This can’t be ignored, despite the injury hassles. Only getting better, more experienced and stronger year on year, so you’d be nuts not to consider him at 576k. Ugh. His back is not great again. Keep a watch, but it doesn’t look good for his reliability for 22 matches.

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Brodie Grundy

The move up to Sydney as their numero uno ruck should see a return to the golden days for Grundy. Discarded by the Pies, surplus to needs at the Dees, Grundy will certainly be out to prove his dumpers who wronged him. A must start as ruck for most teams in 2024.

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Callum Mills

Our favourite from 2022, Mills had an odd season last year. Impacted by injury. The main concern though is the lack of reliable positioning in the swans lineups. Tends to fill a need on a horses for courses basis, which makes it hard to know what you are going to get from him. Apart from that concern, he’s a value pick at 490k. Oh, and he has an off season indiscretion to make up for, so should be highly motivated from the start. Pity he has that shoulder injury to deal with first though.

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Cam Guthrie

Returning from injury, hence on discount. Not a sexy supercoach player by any means, but an effective one when he gets match consistency. 420k is likely too good to turn down for many, but this doesn’t mean he’s an auto selection. Coin flip. Update - well, the injury made the decision easier.

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Tom Lynch

Not talked about much. Lynch is only 287k. Once considered a Premium a few years back, even though he’s a power forward. At this price he is primed for good growth as he likely has a 5+ goal game in him in the first few weeks. He also may have a few sub 50 games in him too. Select for price growth rather than as a keeper. Definitely consider strongly. Update - has an injury cloud.

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Jordan Ridley

530k for Ridley seems slightly unders. Doesn’t seem to have that same aura about him as he did under Rutten and previous coaches. New coach Brad Scott has him playing with more accountability and less rebound run. His intercept and kick in are still a feature, but Redman is moving in on his territory here. Update - has an injury cloud. This list was seriously jinxed!

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Angus Brayshaw

Able to select as a defender which will interest many. Not sure he is the lock that many are claiming him to be at 502k. Dees have a bunch of point scoring machines, and Brayshaw will mostly be fifth or sixth in line for high scores within the Dees most of the time. Proceed with caution. Ok, will just declare it he’s a TRAP!

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Hugh McCluggage

Hit his straps as a player but surpsingly hasn’t sent the Supercoach scoreboard into orbit. A great player. Still improving. Scores seems lower that they should be. It may be due to the even nature of the Lions. Consider.

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