Why these 5 players are now Supercoach relevant in 2024

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Zach Reid

High draft pick beanpole defender likened to Harris Andrews. Spent most of his time with back issues. Bomber fans’ patience will be getting tested if he can’t get opportunities in the seniors in 2024. Has the perceived high draft value attached to him which means he’s likely to get a prolonged run at things should the opportunity arise. Whether he’s actually any good though, the jury is out.

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Toby Pink

Flicked from the Swans 4 years ago. Picked up out of the blue by the Roos. Clarkson throwing his weight around? Got something in mind for the lad? It is enough to flag some interest, and given he’s mature age and at a rookie rock bottom price, he will be a popular selection.

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Mason Redman

Redman has been a slow burn for both the Bombers, and for Supercoach. Entering his peak years, and with a promising body of work behind him. Could elevate into All Australian contention in 2024. Where does that leave him in Supercoach though? Showed last year he can deliver scores consistently. Main threat is the repeated limpness of his Essendon team.

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Nick Larkey

Power forward who had a breakout season for the Roos. In a team that finished near to bottom, kicking as many goals as he did was a huge effort. Without being too harsh, it might be the case that teams didn’t do much planning against the Roos last year, rather just rolling into the game with a view of winning easily anyway. This year may be different. The secret of Larkey is out of the bag, and more effort will go into planning for him. It’s a soft no from us.

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Mitch Georgiades

Port have some gun forwards coming through the ranks. Injury last year. Opened the door for Ollie Lord late in the year. Underpriced in 2024 as a result at 230k. Awkward price still. Shakey selection at best.

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