Breakout 2024 looms for these 10 Supercoach players

Here is an article about all the breakout candidates for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Jason Horne-Francis

JFH is set to catch fire this year with boom team Port Power likely set to dominate most season matches again. The young group all have improvement left in them, and JFH has the most in him. Expect a level or two above his 2023 season. Does it translate to Supercoach selection though? 433k ain’t cheap. And unlike last year he’s only available as a mid for now. It’s an easy overlook on this basis, although some coaches will take the chance based on reputation.

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Ben Hobbs

Surely solidifies himself in the midfield with Parish and Merret in 2024. Bombers have clearly spent the past few years grabbing their next engine room at the draft and through trades. Hobbs the showpiece of that haul. At 413k it’s hard to justify, but expect a big season from Hobbs in the red and black.

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Josh Weddle

Hawks fans are salivating at how good Weddle can actually become. Very impressive first year showing plenty. Has a near perfect atheletic profile for AFL football. For 373k, he’s one for the risk takers as a defender. Will certainly have his cult following of coaches who take him.

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George Wardlaw

Finally a bloke who looks and plays like an old fashion jet from the eighties. Hard, tough, uncompromising and atheletic. Showed signs in his first year that he will excell as an elite player of the game in the near future. This could translate to Supercoach gold for years to come. Is it too soon to jump on the gravy train? Possibly.

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Bailey Humphrey

Eye catching first few games saw many trade him in even after his price jump. Hit the wall a bit late, but looked every part the future star during his stellar mid season month. The Supercoach Gods clearly rate him too, rewarding him handsomely for his contested, impactful efforts. View rating for Bailey Humphrey

Mitch Owens

Surprise supercoach performer of 2023. Could argue he’s already had his breakout year. Move brilliantly for a player of his size. 445k is a huge ask for his supercoach services though. Too much.

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Jamarra Ugle-Hagan

With the lack of reliable forward premiums in 2024, escpially with mid/fwd DPP status, a player like JUH becomes an extrememly attractive options. On top of that, he’s super exciting to watch. 338k seems a little underpriced for a man of such talent. Let’s look at this scenarion - kicks a bag of 7 goals in round 2 - you would jump on before his price rise? JUH looks the type of player to kick a bag early, so many will gamble on it happening sooner rather than later and just select him from the start. I don’t blame them given the forward premos on offer. If there was a year to do it, it’s 2024.

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Cam Rayner

Keeps teasing. May not ever reach the Supercoach heights that we all wanted him to. Appears primed to be a high impact, damaging player, rather than a stat padder. This doesn’t mean he should be dismissed. Lions are set to dominate, and naturally he will have some games where he fires and really plunders.

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Jack Lukosius

Beautiful kick of the pill. Bit of a tease still. Not sure he can be trusted. One of those players you really want to select, but always find a reason not to. Are there better options that are safer down back - for sure. Are they 425k? No. Will be a gut feeling call.

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Riley Thilthorpe

High draft pick who is primed to go up a gear in 2024. Looks a bit awkard on the field at times, but these are mere growing pains of a big bloke finding his feet at the elite level. As he gets more comfortable at the level, expect his impact to go through the roof. However, it may still be a waiting game as Rielly O’Brien is still the first ruck. 2025 perhaps?

Riley Thilthorpe

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