9 Wild PODs That Could Secure Bragging Rights in Your Supercoach League

Here is an article about those PODS you can brag about for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Oleg Markov

Role player at Collingwood with a surprisingly decent upside. Job security remains his challenge, but if he can cement his spot and prove he’s a mainstay, then he has all the traits that cold see his Supercoach score explode.

Lachlan Bramble

Picked up by the dogs as his time at the hawks didn’t ammount to regular team selection. Wait and see what role he gets at the dogs, and how close to best 22 he falls. Could be a name you drop in SC conversations that make people think you know something they don’t.

Zak Jones

Never really broke through as a Supercoach type. Some will remember a good run of form from a few years back, but injury and a change of the way the game is played has left him useless for supercoach purpose. Or, select him, and prove me wrong.

Jarrod Lyons

No room left in the Lions midfield. However, if one or two players get injured, Lyons is a solid trade in option. Ball magnet. Proven scorer. Seems to be self aware of Supercoach scoring. We love those type.

Jake Stringer

If you like to self destruct, but maybe experience a large high or two while doing it, Stringer is your man. Likely to often flunk in terms of Supercoach scores, but also just as likely to pull a 150 games outta the bag once or twice a season.

Ben Keays

Looked a reasonable half season trade in last year when his center bounce attendences went up. Alas, the coach preferred others in the guts and left Keays somewhat lost up forward. All eyes on where his position lies in round one.

Peter Wright

With the lack of obvious premium forwards, big 2MP may appeal to some who love a cult type player in their team to brag about. A great kick for goal and had a great season in 2022. Injury and form of Essendon ruined his run in 2023. Can he refind his mojo?

Ollie Lord

Surprise packet for Port in the finals last year booting key goals in big moments. You could expect more of the same if you have your optimistic lens on, and at his price (which doesn’t recognise his finals scores), there is a good argument to be had that he’s an option.

Chad Wingard

We all used to love the Chad when he was flying for the Power. Injury and form, mainly injury, have meant he is no longer highly regarded in the SC landscape. It’s a no. But if you are stubborn believer, and enjoy referring to The Chad in your supercoach leage chatter, then go for it.

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