8 Must Have 2023 Supercoach Picks (and why to have them)

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Josh Gibcus

Tigers will throw Gibcus into the deepend this year which is good news for supercoaches. Rain, hail or shine, he will slowly rise in value while remaining a reliable on field rookie in the early part of the season. Lock him in.

Sam Walsh

Walsh will be popular in 2024. Somewhat a burn man of late, his star tradjectory still points north. This can’t be ignored, despite the injury hassles. Only getting better, more experienced and stronger year on year, so you’d be nuts not to consider him at 576k. Update - his back is playing up again. Ugh.

Hayden Young

Complete jet. Young showed last year that he’s an upcoming star of the competition. Beautiful left foot, brilliant reader of the game, and just as good at the contested hard stuff too. A highly recommended selection in 2024. Jump on.

Nate Caddy

Hidden secret at Windy Hill (or wherever the hell that Hangar thing is). Caddy has been tearing up the track and causing a huge stir internally at the Bombers. Is physical, confident, atheletic and backs himself. Could mark the turning point for Essendon. Definately consider.

Jack Macrae

Reliable over the years. The only real stand out Supercoach ball magnet forward selection. And no he’s battling a hamstring injury to get ready for round one. Pre injury concern, he was a lock. But now it’s a watch and see.

Keidean Coleman

Farewell Daniel Rich. Hello Keidean Coleman. Set to be a popular pick due to his fantastic back end of the season, and eye catching Grand Final performance. Could be the last time we catch him at these prices for a while. Get him

Jai Newcombe

Expect a massive season. Almost lock territory. Has all the tools to be a complete super premo and is still so young. But he’s shown he is ready. Look to start him from the get go and ignore those voices around you that are saying he’s not in the Supercoach class of the elite. He will be. Ride the rise in 2024. Lock.

Marcus Bontempelli

Marcus Bontempelli: Another Super Premo mainstay, Bontempelli maintains stability with a solid predicted average of 127.63. His reliability ensures he’s a dependable asset for Supercoach managers seeking consistent returns.

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