8 Back To the Future Selections for Retro Supercoach 2024 Vibes

Here is an article about all the old fashions for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Lachie Whitfield

Has teased coaches for about a decade. Moves like a Rolls Royce, but breaks down like a Land Rover Discovery 3. If only he was ever to pump out a full season without injury, he would have been a perma-lock in the backline. These days, some coaches retain hope, and are chips committed to him again coming good. Not for us though.

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Dane Rampe

Jake Lloyds long term partner in crime, Rampe’s supercoach days are basically over. Especially with the emergence of the Lizard. A stoic warrior for many niche picked teams over the last few years. But in 2024? Well, he’s underpriced, but that doesn’t mean you should pick him.

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Travis Boak

Boak is going around for yet another season. His Supercoach days are long gone. Don’t be surprised if he pulls a huge game out of the bag at some point as he is just that type of competitor. Expect him in and out of the team this year, and occasionally pinch hitting in the midfield when Port need a leadership sugar hit.

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Andrew Gaff

Ever since the Angus Brayshaw hook, he has never been the same. It’s a shame, as Gaff was tracking as a great Supercoach performer for those who like something off broadway. Cheap this year. If Eagles can rebound in 2024, it could be off him reclaiming his mojo.

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Scott Pendlebury

Surely can’t keep going at his current levels. Still good for an occasional ton. Only to be used as a desperate POD trade in for a head to head league match Hail Mary.

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Rory Sloane

Sloane is now on the downward curve and this is likely his last season. Similar to Boak, might be injected into the thick of things occasionally for some inspiration. Otherwise, can’t see much supercoach value left in blondie.

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Michael Walters

Just over 300k in 2024 which will tempt some coaches. Best days are gone, but still has a trick bag. If you like choosing players that a fun to watch, consider him.

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Sam Docherty

Against all odds, Doch still looms as a legitimate backline premo. Can have those days where he seagulls around the backline unmarked. And not many cash in on those kinds of days better than Doch. Unfortunately, Newman has moved in on his turf. Neeewmann!

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