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Michael Walters

Fremantle | (FWD)

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  is a strongly recommended selection.
2020 Prediction 2020 Actual Ave % Difference Result
102.3498.903.48%solid prediction

Michael Walters is a superstar of the competition, and a must consider option for your supercoach team.

Supercoach Context

Michael Walters is a supercoach gun and is capable of pulling some huge scores.


Michael Walters misses the occasional week with a slight niggle, which can be very annoying for supercoaches. Generally it's the type of injury that sees Michael Walters miss a week, but then return fine the week after. These are the type of players who are often a late withdrawal from games. Michael Walters is also likely to be not risked by Fremantle at the slightest hint of a minor injury.

Michael Walters is expected to play the majority of the season, but probably not every match. Will likely miss a few matches for one reason or another. This makes Michael Walters a bit risky for supercoach, but it shouldn't totally scare you off selecting him, especially if it's a cash cow inspired selection where you take him at a price too good to refuse.


Michael Walters will be a terrfic scorer all season, right up there with the top end players in supercoach. He will be reliable for over 100pts on a weekly basis, with the big score thrown in occasionally. For certain matchups when Fremantle is playing another club, Michael Walters may be considered as a great Captian choice.

Team Type

Selecting Michael Walters is an extremely stable investment for your side. He's a very popular selection and will be a reliable point scoring machine. He is a predictable choice in supercoach and for good reason. He will deliver the goods.