The Rucks conundrum in 2024 Supercoach

Here is an article about those darn rucks for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Brodie Grundy

The move up to Sydney as their numero uno ruck should see a return the golden days for Grundy. Discarded by the Pies, surplus to needs at the Dees, Grundy will certainly be out to prove his dumpers who wronged him. A must start as ruck for most teams in 2024.

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Max Gawn

There is no doubt that Gawn is a Superstar. And a Supercoach Super Premium. However, last year saw some odd positional and potential resting issues for Gawn, which cast doubt on his consistency. When he’s invested for big game, he’s Captain material. When he’s being time managed, rested forward often, or just phoning in a performance against a lessor team to manage his season load, he’s a problem. It’s a yes at this price, and many will return to the Gawn+Grundy combo of yersteryear.

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Jarrod Witts

Under appreciated by the Supercoach world. Generally dominates taps, often to himself. With the growing nature of the Gold Coast medifield, more of his taps will be adjudged as “to advantage”, which could see a 10-20% increase in his average. If you want to be different to all those Gawn + Grundy set and forgetters, and are too tight on coin for English, then Witts is your man.

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Jordan Sweet

A move to the Power fill a huge hole in their list of needs. Exposed in the ruck in the finals last season, Sweet is likely to get a decent crack at making the spot his own. Unable to move in on English’s territory at the Doggies.

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Tim English

The God of 2023. Which comes with a catch - he’s super exy in 2024. Much like real estate purchasers, those expecting a Tim English price from 3 years ago are in for a shock. On the plus side, he’s now proven to be a reliable Captain option and injury free. However, many coaches will find better value going with the old trusty Gawn + Grundy model which bucks the inflation trend, providing great value compared to previous years.

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