6 Burn Men Who You Should Actually Consider Selecting in 2024

Here is an article about all the burn players for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Nat Fyfe

Damn you Nath. Why do you tease us every year. A seasoned star, Fyfe’s presence demands attention despite injury concerns. At 283k, his potential to dominate games makes him a tempting option for Supercoach teams willing to take on some risk for high rewards.

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Denver Grainger-Barras

A young prospect with potential, Grainger-Barras offers value at his price. While his role may not guarantee high scores, his growth trajectory makes him a consideration for teams looking to invest in untapped talent. At 137k, he’s worth a punt if hawks lock him in down back.

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Tom Doodee

Coming back from injury and starting fresh at a new club, Doodee may experience teething problems in his new environment. The position on the field is available though. If he can get his body right and get out on the park, there is no doubt he can lock down a spot down back. 380k is not as cheap as we’d like for this risk.

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Sam Flanders

Lots of hype again in 2024. Burnt many coaches who showed faith in him at the start of 2023, only to be a disaster. However, he came home strong in the back end f the year which shows the the penny may have dropped or that merely the steam had gone out of the Suns season and he was able to excel without pressure. Either way, many will be gun shy to have a crack at him again at 494k.

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Taylor Adams

A consistently average performer over the years (generally) with proven ability, Adams offers reliability at 437k. While not a standout star, his steady contributions make him a dependable choice for Supercoach teams seeking stability in their midfield

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Will Brodie

Was the big Supercoach mover of 2022. Horrible 2023 saw him cut from the midfield and back fighting for a spot on the list. UIt all went downhill very fast for Brodies. Word is he is having a cracking preseason and experts in the WA media are tipping a return to 2022 form. In that case, 318k is a complete bargain. Alas, not convinced.

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