Let's look at why these 13 cash cows are trending in 2024

Here is an article about all the trendy cash cows for 2024 in Supercoach.

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Nick Watson

He’s short. Really short. Highly sought after in the draft, Watson boasts a pedigree that demands attention. With scouts singing praises, this promising talent is primed to make waves at AFL level and deliver on his promised talent, even from his small stature.

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Harley Reid

Highly coveted leading into the draft, Reid stands out as a prized acquisition. With scouts clamoring for his signature, this budding talent is poised to make a significant impact at the AFL level and fulfill lofty expectations.

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Nick Coffield

A moved from the Saints to the Dogs. Showed a fair bit at Saints as a Supercoach potentially breakout defender a few years back. Now gets the chance to make things happen at the dogs. Will be a very popular choice can expect most teams to start with him, particularly if he’s named in round 1.

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Colby McKercher

Expect him to get many opportunities to shine, McKercher is destined for a potential debut breakout season. With coaches eager to unleash his potential, this dynamic talent is set to light up the field and showcase his abilities on the biggest stage for the Kangas. A little on the pricey side as a top end rookie, but so was Sheezel…

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Shaun Mannagh

Flying under the radar, Mannagh is poised to deliver value beyond expectations. With minimal hype surrounding their debut, this overlooked talent provides an enticing prospect for astute Supercoach teams seeking undervalued assets.

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Ryley Sanders

Quietly making waves, Sanders possesses the raw talent to blossom into a lucrative cash cow. Despite minimal fanfare, their skill set suggests potential for rapid growth, making them a shrewd investment for savvy Supercoach managers.

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Jeremy Sharp

Showed promise at Suns. Discards. Last chance saloon at Freo for 127k. Another one of the cash cows that you will need to consider if named round one.

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Darcy Wilson

With versatility in his arsenal, Darcy Wilson, a first-round draftee, sets off on his AFL journey with St Kilda. Hailing from the Murray Bushrangers, Wilson brings a blend of skills, whether utilizing his left or right foot, excelling as an outside runner or impactful forward. With a rich football lineage and a dedicated strength regimen, Wilson is primed for success in the red, white, and black. Piled on 9kgs since drafted! Impressive!

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Cooper Stephens

With a great preseason under his belt, Stephens has laid the foundation for success. Fine-tuning his craft and honing his skills, this determined rookie is ready to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in the AFL arena for the Hawks.

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Jacob Wehr

A GWS defender who has returned to bargain basement prices. Off broadway and off the radar for most. Worth noting on your notepad.

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Aaron Cadman

Another GWS talent with high draft pedigree. Likely to be given plenty of opportunity and also back to a rock bottom price of 127k.

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Chris Burgess

Emerging from obscurity, Burgess offers untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. With limited exposure, this hidden gem presents an opportunity for keen-eyed Supercoach managers to capitalize on undervalued talent and maximize returns.

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Josh Schache

Double dare you. Could he possibly be considered? 123k in 2024. If a serious injury occurs to 2 of the Dees prime defenders, coaches will come from everywhere to nab him.

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Finlay Macrae

Been waiting a long time for his chance. Came to the Pies with big hopes, and many thought he’d follow in his brothers footsteps and become an instant Supercoach behemoth. We are yet to be any wiser given the dominance and depth of his team. This year though, we are likely to find out as he will be thrown opportunity as the Magpies transition a few older legends to the next gen. Watch with interest in the preseason. Take if named round 1.

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Malcolm Rosas

At 288k and a small fwd, Rosas is not really Supercoach material. But think he is seriously underrated and his trajectory as a player is on the upward curve. So naturally he deserves to be on the list, even if it may bring a smirk from coaches.

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