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Jack Gunston

Hawthorn | (FWD)

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Gunston missed plenty of season 2021 with injury and is underpriced from his usual value. This doesn't mean he is a must pick however. The tides at Hawthorn are changing quickly, and his role may no longer lead to consistent goal scoring and in turn solid Supercoach returns. He may even see a positional change in 2022 perhaps down back, especially if Siciliy and Will Day can't get going. A tough call for coaches but a class player should never be cast aside without thought.

Supercoach Context

Jack Gunston is a solid supercoach prospect. He has shown in the past that he is reliable with his scoring, without setting the competition on fire. You can generally rely on Jack Gunston to not throw in a stinky score, or only minimal sub 60 scores.

Team Type

Jack Gunston will drive you nuts. The ups and downs of his scoring will cause coaches to tear their hair out. And just when you are ready to part ways and trade him, he will pull out a monster score. Putting this player in your lineup is not for the faint hearted. It's gunna be a thrilling rollar coaster ride. Coaches wanting to take an unpredictable, enigma type player in their side have defintely landed on the right option here.