Jayden Short

Likely Ave.
26 years old
Status Semi Premo

Jayden Short is predicted to be Semi Premo as a supercoach selection that is best suited to a team structure that embraces a Stable strategy.

The Good Oil

The moved the midfield seems to have ruined his reliability. After becoming a week to week performer of quality scores, the switch to the mid has dried him up.

Jayden Short Review

Jayden Short has a predicted average of 97.74 for the 2023 season.
Scoring Model:
Rnd 1: 79
Rnd 2: 92
Rnd 3: 80
Rnd 4: 86
Rnd 5: 95
Rnd 6: 94
Rnd 7: 111
Rnd 8: 85
Rnd 9: 112
Rnd 10: 84
Rnd 11: 83
Rnd 12: 112
Rnd 13: 110
Rnd 14: 90
Rnd 15: 97
Rnd 16: 90
Rnd 17: 109
Rnd 18: 84
Rnd 19: 106
Rnd 20: 111
Rnd 21: 99
Rnd 22: 86
Rnd 23: 88

Bullish Rating

Jayden Short

Is Jayden Short a Semi Premo supercoach selection?

So, when it comes to comparing Jayden Short with the rest, is it in the Top 50 predicted scoring players in Supercoach? Well, the best way to find out is to check our Current Top 50 Rankings and see if Jayden Short makes the top of the list!

Best Selections
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