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Zak Butters

Port Adelaide | (FWD)

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  is a very risky selection that could go either way.
2020 Prediction 2020 Actual Ave % Difference Result

Another young player who showed signs he was set to explode in the early parts of 2021, only to be crippled with injury. Set to be one of the most popular selected forwards merely for his rampaging start to 2021, Butters will hopefully prove to be a season long permanent premo forward for you team. His trajectory is pointing in only one direction, and that is up. Likely a must have starter.

Supercoach Context

Zak Butters is a solid supercoach prospect. He has shown in the past that he is reliable with his scoring, without setting the competition on fire. You can generally rely on Zak Butters to not throw in a stinky score, or only minimal sub 60 scores.

Team Type

Zak Butters is most likely a selection that most coaches will look at. There is nothing fancy about selecting him. In league matches, he's likely to be a solid selection against your opponent without much scope to post a match winning score. Zak Butters is known as being a core template player in supercoach. For those not wanting to take risk or make choices with flair, and want a fairly vanilla lineup, he's your man.